Dian Cronje

JMC 2014
"As a runner, it is so refreshing to be part of events that are so well organized and smoothly run each year. I think this is actually what adds to the special appeal of the race - we know that if we enter, we do not only get great value for our money, but that little bit extra effort that makes an event memorable... There is probably a lot more adjectives that I can use to sing your praise, but all in all, well done on a marvellous event, organised to perfection. Trail running is growing fast as a sport, but I will always credit you guys with revolutionising the trail scene with your great events."

Donal Slemon

HMC 2013
"From my experiences with the Trail Series I’ve already done, you guys set the bar high with a perfect example of how these events should be run. Well done (and I don’t part with compliments easily!). If ever I were to get injured on a trail run, I’d want it to be on one of your events!"