Hilton Ehrenreich

JMC 2017
"Thanks you very much, for a well organized races on Saturday 20th May. It was a very beautiful and scenic route and I loved the single track. "

Bronwyn Gibson

JMC 2017
"Thank you for an awesome (tough) run on Saturday! it was very well organised."

Harry Botha

JMC 2017
"Thanks so much for a amazing event!"

Nick Muzik

JMC 2017
"Thanks for a great day out on the mountain!"

Frances Whitehead

MMC 2016
""Congratulations on a seamlessly successful event. It was a humbling experience, in all ways, in that beautiful pristine mountain space. Thank you to the entire team for making it happen." "

Rina Van Der Merwe

MMC 2016
""Thank you guys for an awesome day out in the pristine Swellendam Mountains with the Marloth Mountain Challenge. Your organisation and attention to detail is something special to mention and commend you on.""

Jason Small

JMC 2015
"This has to be the most amazing route in the Western Cape - unbelievable! Throw in sublime organisation, vibe, safety, always ready to help Wildrunner crew - it's just superb. Thank you so much for all you guys do for trail running and for coming up with routes like these to keep us lesser mortals humble!! I'll be back"

Anchen Lombard

JMC 2013
"The BEST run ever - beautiful - stunning! I will NOT miss it again."

Jonathan Black

JMC 2013
"Amazing race, really well organised. Probably the most enjoyable route I’ve ever run - perfect mix between challenging but still run-able (mostly) with the most incredible scenery. Thanks for an awesome event!"

Emily House

JMC 2013
"Really loved it....only negative is that I was not fit enough to go faster!"