Compulsory Equipment

The need for compulsory kit cannot be underestimated and is there for your own safety. There will be a compulsory kit check for all distances over 11km and participants arriving at the start without all the compulsory equipment may not be allowed to participate and will be not entitled to a refund.  

There will also be spot checks on the mountain and at the finish. The kit has been rated either Category 1, 2 or 3, anything found missing in Category 1 will result in disqualification, Category 2 will induce a 30 minute time penalty, anything found missing in Category 3 will induce a 15 minute time penalty. These regulations have been put in place for your own safety and we trust you will adhere to them. 

Compulsory kit listed will only be altered on race day and announced 1 hour before the start:

C = Compulsory
H = Highly recommended
O = Optional

Time Penalty:
2 = 30 minutes
3 - 15 minutes 

38km JMC
24km HMC
55km MMC
35km MMC
24.5km MMC Lite

24km JMC Lite
15km HMC Lite

11km JMC Run
11km HMC Run
Backpack or similar mountain running gear carrier C (2) (2) O
Waterproof jacket with hood (1) (1) O
Long sleeve wind breaker shell (2) (2) O
Micro fleece long sleeve (1) H O
Buff or similar (3) (3) O
Beanie/fleece hat or band (2) H O
Emergency/Space Blanket (2) (2) O
Whistle (3) (3) O
Mobile phone, charged and with the emergency number  (1) (1) C (1)
Race nutrition (3) H O
Water + minimum (2)  1.5 litre (2) 1 litre O  500ml
Basic first aid & personal medication (2) (2) H
Collapsable Eco-Cups* C C O
Trail running shoes H H O
Chemical hand warmers H O O
Dry bags/zip locks H H O



Backpack or similar mountain running gear carrier
Fitting snug around your body is key, right along side accessibility.  Good brands for this include Raidlight, Salamon, Osprey, Ultimate Direction.
Waterproof rain jacket
100% waterproof, hood with drawstring, built in visor, closure on cuffs & waist, Goretex® best, volume (go bigger rather than smaller).  Good brands: Raidlight, Columbia, North Face.
Long sleeve wind breaker shell
Treated rip stop nylon, 3/4 zip, drawstring waist, collar, 85g.  This is what you will wear in weather 99% of the time, essentially protects from wind chill.  Good brands: Raidlight SA, 'Capestorm Helium' is the original, First Ascent makes a good version.

Micro fleece long sleeve
This is NOT a long sleeve running top.  Piled microfleece traps air and therefore insulates better.  Good brands:  Capestorm 'Puffadder' lightest and best.

Buff or similar
Really good at just about anything from keeping the sun of your neck to protecting your head from cold.  If you enter the MCS you get your one of a kind MCS Multifunctional Headwear.

Beanie/fleece hat or band
For when the chips are down, you want this locked away in a dry bag.  So much heat lost from your head, this is a lifesaver.

Emergency/Space Blanket
Flimsy piece of space aged foil that could just save your life.  Buy them from us at registration or any Cape Union Mart and/or most pharmacies.
When you are lost in the mist or fallen off the path out of view this number will save your life.  Three blasts of three seconds each  is the international emergency call.  
Mobile phone, charged and with the emergency number 
If you can use an old phone with a number pad.  They are cheap, reliable and you can use them when your fingers are wet.  Make sure the emergency number is on your phone, which is on your race number: Wildrunner Emegency: 072 438 3242.
Race nutrition
Whatever your favorite is make sure you have enough!
Bladder carrier for water
There are plenty of manufacturers out there these days, be sure to read your reviews before buying. Top of our list are Source bladders and Raidlight (check out their online store), but whatever you carry your water in make sure it's accessible but out of your hands (so you can use these!)
Basic first aid
Pain killers, anti-inflamatories, rehydrate (or similar), plasters, First Aid dressings, wound dressing, antiseptic cream, zinc oxide tape, cotton wool, cable ties.
Chemical hand warners
When it's really cold slip these numbers into your gloves to help keep your fingers flexible enough to open food.  Available at the Wildrunner Trail Store, most Cape Union Mart stores, some pharmacies.
Dry bag or zip locks
We recommend Sea to Summit  dry bags, available at the Wildrunner Store.  Zip Lock bags work as well, but for things like phones put a bit of kitchen towl in to soak up any leaks.

Collapsable Eco-Cup*
From 1 January 2017 all aid stations on Wildrunner events will require each participant to carry his/her own reusable mug. Folds for easy storage in the bag. Infinitely reusable, it helps to refuel on races and is environmentally sound reducing the impact of disposable cups on the environment. Wildrunner/Raidlight Eco-Cups can be bought online or at the Wildrunner Store. 

Be sure to check out Wildrunner's product sponsor and partner Raidlight SA's online store for a great selection of all your necessary technical trail running gear.